Meet The Team

Team (3 of 5)  Gwendolyn Yap, Editor/ Writer/ Founder

Having trained in classical dance since the age of three, one could assume that Gwen is a highly skilled dancer. However, given the broadness of dance genres and her endless pursuit of new things, she is currently a typical example of “jack of all trades, master of none”. Armed with her ‘can-do’ spirit and passion for living, she is most alive when challenged (except in logic games).

You can find her passively online @gwenacino on Instagram, @gwendolyn yap on Facebook and she doesn’t have Twitter.

  Team (2 of 5)  Castro Jezreel, Co-Founder/ Advisor

She’s an art enthusiast who wants to try her hand at every visual and performing art possible. Jezreel started dancing when she was three years old but only formally joined classes in Polytechnic – mainly trained in Hip-hop.
When not busy with work on her laptop, planner, or camera, she likes spending time with friends and family or experimenting with new recipes.

Follow her on her adventures on Instagram and Youtube @jezzyreigh.


Team (4 of 5)  Breton Seah Kah Hui, Writer/ Social Media Analyst

Even though he’s a late bloomer in terms of dance, Breton uses the strength he trained from back in sports to condition himself for dance, although the same can’t be said for his flexibility (but he can do a jump split!). Loves to have a good laugh and is more than willing to hear you out on your opinions!

“We’ll get there, eventually”

Breton does not have any social media handles at the moment.


2018-09-13 23.46.53.jpg  Cherrilynn Chia, Ad-Hoc Sub Editor

Having danced for as long as she can remember, Cherrilynn is passionate about the dance scene in Singapore and how it has blossomed over recent years. When she’s taking time off from her dance pursuits, she likes to indulge in a big bowl of mala together with a large koi and finally round it all up with a good long nap.

You can find Cherrilynn on Instagram @cherrilynnn