We are going on an indefinite hiatus…

Hello everyone!

This is Gwen, the editor of DWR 🙂 Honestly this is proving a lot harder for me to write… I had it all written out well in my head haha. Firstly, I want to thank all 265 of you for being my motivation for the past 2 years. You guys cannot imagine how much you have been a driving force in DWR, this little passion project in lasting this long. Thank you all. Also, I want to apologise to everyone for the lack of articles for the past few weeks. I had my finals and I just couldn’t seem to find time to write articles or do interviews…I am really sorry for that. In fact, I have not been able to actively keep up DWR as much as I would like, and responsibilities truly got in the way that I didn’t know where I was headed any more. I guess with that, what I am trying to say is: I am officially going on hiatus with Dance.Write.Repeat. I am not sure when will I ever return with new articles?

But I am at a point where I need to relook at how I been living my life, and letting go of DWR for a while seems to be something that I need for myself.  In the first place, I started DWR as a passion project with my friends. We love dance, we love creating, why not do something with that? And that was how DWR was born. It went from 5 people in the team, to now only me. And boy I had fun. From doing giveaways with O School, Legacy, Danzpeople, to chatting with so many passionate dancers in the scene, you guys have no idea how much all of you inspired me. Wow I am getting emotional haha.  These two years have been a blast, from breaking down due to stress, to rushing for the next deadline and even to talking about the possibilities DWR could be, I grew so much from this experience. So much.

But somewhere along the way, I began to lose sight of why I started DWR, it subconsciously became a liability instead of something I did just for fun. I think it was because I started taking on so many other responsibilities? DWR just unconsciously took a back seat and I hated that. I hated that I did so many other things I (honestly) didn’t enjoy because it wasn’t a “I want” but because it was a “I must”, and I was under the illusion for a little bit that I was getting fulfilled by accomplishing so much, and of course life has to punch me in the gut for me to wake up and realise I wasn’t happy.

At the end of the day, doing all these things may look good for my resume, but it wasn’t good for me, I began to be unhappy with doing all that, even DWR. So I am making the conscious choice to take a break. I want to find back that passion that I had when I started DWR. Believe me, I still want to introduce you guys to so many things about dance I know I haven’t had the chance to talk about yet. But the Gwen now will not be able to share it without it feeling forced, and you guys do not deserve such half-assed articles. So yes, this will be the end of DWR for now. Thank you for coming on board with me for the past 2 years, and may we meet again in the future!

Rest assured though, I will still be around! There are so many other creative things I want to try pursuing for myself so keep a look out for that 🙂 If you manage to read to this end, thank you and sorry for listening to my rambling.

Keep dancing y’all and don’t stop creating.




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