The Dance.Write.Repeat team heads down to the exclusive preview event for INALA, A Zulu Ballet to find out why it should be on your must-watch list of performances in 2019.

Originally conceived to celebrate 20 years of Democracy in South Africa, INALA: A Zulu Ballet is a celebration of diversity. It fuses African and Western culture to immerse you in a world full of tradition and contemporary imagination.

Cutting a refined figure, Pietra opens the event with a speech on the beauty that is INALA. PC: INALA TimeOut

Chatting with Pietra Mello-Pittman, the producer and current co-founder of Sisters Grimm, it is not hard to see why INALA has been such a success. The passion and enthusiasm for the production is reflected in her eyes as she talks about the re-launch of INALA. “We are so excited to have INALA in Singapore,” The former Royal Ballet artiste said: “It has been incredible seeing how far INALA has come.”

Indeed, it has come far. Premiering in West End in 2014, INALA has performed for the Royal Variety Performance (yes! for the Queen!) and to sold-out crowds all over Europe.

Now in 2019, in collaboration with the Soweto Gospel Choir, INALA is set to conquer the world with their mesmerising music and energetic choreography!

Here are all the reasons why you definitely need to watch INALA: A ZULU BALLET:

1. Premiering for the first time in Asia

Marking the first of their foray into the international scene, this West-End original production chose Marina Bay Sands as their debut stage, performing for the first time in Asia! A fusion between South African and Western cultures, INALA is not just another ballet, instead it is a performance that celebrates the beauty of diversity in our society today.


2. One of the principal dancers is our local-born Adelene Stanley-Cheah

An alumni of SOTA, Adelene Stanley-Cheah is nothing short of talented. Her mesmerising movements exemplified the choir’s voice, captivating the audience and drawing them into the story. “Adelene is really something,” Pietra agreed: “There was no question that we wanted her to perform as part of INALA.”

Music becomes her. PC: INALA TimeOut

And so she did, becoming an indispensable member of the INALA family in 2014. Casted in her graduate year at the Rambert School in London by the producers of INALA, Adelene had never imagined it to become such a huge part of her dance journey. Fast forward to 2019, and she is headlining INALA in her home country, for her own family for the first time.

A talented dancer, we might be featuring her some time soon on our website.

3. The South African Soweto Gospel Choir has won three Grammys

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. Not one, but THREE Grammys have been won by the Soweto Gospel Choir in the category of Best World Music Album.

In fact, before the exclusive preview of INALA, the choir members Mary and Mulalo Mulovhedzi, Shimmy Jiyane and Phello Sejake flew in just a mere few hours from claiming their Grammy Award in Los Angeles!

Despite that, their voices were impeccable, blending smoothly into harmony, sending chills down the audiences’ spines.

Don’t believe us? Here is a snippet of their performance at the event!




Is that still not reason enough for you to watch INALA? What about…

4. For the first time in INALA’s history, there will be women performing as part of the choir ensemble

Mary Mulovhedzi and Phello Sejake are two key female choir members performing for INALA in June. PC: INALA TimeOut

In 2014, INALA performed with an all-male choir, which according to Adelene, created a more “bass-y feel”. But now with the inclusion of female voices into the mix, there is a whole new harmony added to the show. “With the female energy now in the voice, it brings a whole new sense and a whole new dynamic to the music,” Adelene agreed.

Watch this video to find out the perspectives of the producers and choreographers in this production

With these four compelling reasons, there is absolutely no reason why you should not watch INALA: A Zulu Ballet. Bring along your friends and family to watch this amazing fusion of cultures. We promise you that it will be a show worth watching.

Mark your dates as INALA will be premiering at  Marina Bay Sands from 19th June 2019 to 22nd June 2019. What are you waiting for? Purchase your tickets here!

*psst* In fact, we might be having a little giveaway soon! Follow us on Instagram for more details!


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