This month, it’s all a balancing act! Another highly requested technique that many people (not just dancers!) want to work on, here is our top five follow-along videos – tried and tested by our editor – we feel will help improve your balance tremendously.

Editor’s Note: The following videos really helped me when I was recovering from an ankle injury that left me unable to go on pointe for 6 months. Of course, everyone is different and I hope that these follow-along videos will help you along in your dance journey like it did for me!

For balance, it all boils down to your core strength (the entire stretch around your tummy) and leg strength. There is much to work on so here goes nothing!

First off, you should always work on your core strength. A stronger core means a stronger support system. Think of your body as one full piece being held together by your main system (which is your core!)

For that, making sure you train the muscles in that area well is REALLY important.

Try this to train your front abs (the front part of your core)

Contrary to popular belief, your core doesn’t only consist of your abs, but also your back. Think of your back as the connector to the entire body. If the abs are the power generator, your back is your support system!

This will train your entire back! Don’t underestimate it, it can be really tricky!

After your core, the next most important body part to help hold up your entire body is your ankles! If your ankles are weak, the chances of injury not only get higher, finding balance will be difficult as well.

A good all-rounder strengthing exercise that could help your balance and strength.

Here is one more especially for your ankles. (They are really important!)

This exercise is most effective if you use a resistance band!

If there are days where you are too busy to practice the entire strengthening routine, you can try this!

A simple no-fuss routine that you can practice every day.

In order to see major improvement, practicing every day is often encouraged. However, do watch your body and where you are currently in your dance practice. If any pain is felt anywhere, take the time out to rest. After all, resting is part and parcel of improvement as well. Safety is always more important than looking good on stage!

What other types of techniques would you like us to talk about? Let us know in the comments below!

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