Chinese Horoscope…for dancers??!!

In true Chinese New Year fashion, we give you the predictions for your dance journey in 2019 based on your zodiac year! Take it with a sprinkling of salt and lots of fun as we ring in the new year!

Ms-Feng-Shui-Chinese-Zodiac-SignsRAT: 1984,1996,2008

This year will be a very bountiful one for the Rat! A year of leadership, you will be tapped on for leading roles in productions and competitions – allowing you to reach further heights in your dance journey.

However, be patient with the opportunities presented! There will be more trials for you to overcome in these opportunities, so keep your head down and patiently work on. The Pig Year will be of great value to you.

Ms-Feng-Shui-Chinese-Zodiac-SignsOX: 1985,1997,2009

The Ox will find that the Year of the Pig will be a trying one for them. Full of ups and downs, your dance journey will foresee chances of delay in improvement you were hoping for. However, although turbulent, much experience will be gained from working through it!

The Year of the Pig will be a great year for experimentation and taking risks. You might even unexpectedly find something you are really good at! Be fearless in your choices and you will reap unexpected rewards. However, do watch your health as the potential of over-working is high in 2019.

Ms-Feng-Shui-Chinese-Zodiac-SignsTIGER: 1986,1998,2010

It is going to be a very significant year for you. Not only will you reap what effort you sowed into your dance journey in the past year, but it is also a great time for you to advance in your dance career as well. Stay focused and be sure of where you are headed, as that will benefit you greatly this year.

2019 will also be a good year for you to venture out of your comfort zone and push your limits This is truly a good year for high growth potential for the Tiger dancer.

ms-feng-shui-chinese-zodiac-signs-3.pngRABBIT: 1987,1999,2011

The Rabbit will find themselves in great demand with their peers. A highly sociable year for the Rabbit, 2019 is a good year for befriending new dancers and strengthening their circle of friends. If possible, traveling overseas to gain new perspectives in dance is highly encouraged.

Although the dance journey of the rabbit will be highly fruitful this year, the Rabbit is reminded to spend time with family and loved ones as they will serve to be the greatest pillar of support for the Rabbit’s dance journey in 2019.

ms-feng-shui-chinese-zodiac-signs-4.pngDRAGON: 1988,2000,2012

Creativity is at its peak for the Dragon this year. Best advised to invest this creativity in starting new projects, many of your ideas will do well by being put into form. Collaboration is of great value to the Dragon as these collaborations will do well to propel the Dragon to greater heights.

However, the Dragon risks overexertion and is best advised to take their health into consideration throughout the year of the Pig.

ms-feng-shui-chinese-zodiac-signs-5.pngSNAKE: 1989,2001,2013

2019 will be a good year to return back to basics for the Snake. To excel at their craft, the Snake is advised to focus on building a strong foundation in their technique. In the Year of the Pig, the Snake will do well with not experimenting with new styles and instead focus their effort on strengthening themselves.

While not being a great year for advancement for the Snake, their due effort in strengthening their foundation will prove to be a good investment in the later part of the year. Patience will be a good virtue to have for the Snake this year.

ms-feng-shui-chinese-zodiac-signs-6.pngHORSE: 1990,2002,2014

The Horse will experience pleasant growth in their dance journey this year. Initiative to volunteer for competitions or productions are highly encouraged as the Horse will establish lasting friendships in the year of the Pig.

The Horse will also encounter unexpected opportunities to venture overseas. Highly encouraged to pursue these open doors, 2019 will be a fulfilling and rich experience for the dancers born in the year of the Horse.

ms-feng-shui-chinese-zodiac-signs-7.pngSHEEP: 1991,2003,2015

A great year for the Sheep to establish new friendships, the Sheep will find many doors of opportunity open for them. Chances to take on extra responsibilities will be offered to the Sheep in the year of the Pig and the Sheep is encouraged to take on as many of these responsibilities as possible.

However, be wary of spending too much on materialistic products. Instead of only looking the part, the Sheep will do well to remain humble and focus on their craft instead.

ms-feng-shui-chinese-zodiac-signs-8.pngMONKEY: 1992,2004,2016

The year of the Pig will see many rewards for the Monkey. It is a great year to start planning for your future in dance as many opportunities will arise for the Monkey.

The Monkey will do well in rewarding themselves for their hard work this year. Interesting developments in your dance journey would mean you will be dancing harder in the year of 2019, so rewards are definitely in order.

ms-feng-shui-chinese-zodiac-signs-9.pngROOSTER: 1993,2005,2017

The Rooster will remain popular amongst dancers this year. However, it would be a year that tests the Rooster’s limits in dance technique. The Rooster is best advised to keep their head down and focus on improving themselves for the year of 2019.

Many creative ventures will come your way in the year of the Pig. The Rooster will do well to pick their battles in order to achieve optimum results in their creative venture.

ms-feng-shui-chinese-zodiac-signs-10.pngDOG: 1994,2006,2018

The Dog will be great at balancing their dance-life-work in the year of the Pig. Many chances to prove themselves will arise in 2019, and the Dog will do great in having courage in snatching these chances.

The Dog will see themselves gaining more friends this year, however, they will do well to be attentive to their close friends and not focus only on the new ones.

ms-feng-shui-chinese-zodiac-signs-11.pngPIG: 1995,2007,2019

This is your YEAR! With many pleasant opportunities ahead for the Pig dancer, 2019 is all ready for your entrance. A great year for sharing, the Pig dancer might find themselves in the position of guiding others in dance. Be patient and mindful of what you are imparting and you will see great results.

However, do look after your health as the Pig dancer will have heightened chances of injury in 2019. Best advised to stretch after every dance class and eat well, the Pig dancer will then reduce the chances of injury.



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