BODY CONDITIONING #1: Leg Extensions!

As dancers, often times purely dancing isn’t enough. To lift higher, to turn faster, to be able to dance even more effortlessly, much work goes into training and conditioning the muscles needed for executing these movements. A highly requested series, we will be sourcing for the top five best videos every month till June focusing on conditioning the body for better technical execution of movements!

First up on our list, higher extensions! When it comes to higher extensions, the most important element is flexibility. There are a huge array of videos up on YouTube where you can learn various ways of training flexibility. But a good place to start is always when you are fully warmed-up! Here is our editor’s favourite go-to stretching video:


Of course, flexibility is only the beginning. To lift your leg above 90°, it is all about strength in both the hip flexors (the muscle that lifts your legs up) and your lower back. Here are three videos to help train these muscle groups:

These are exercises you could do in your free time!

Credit: Claudia Dean Coaching
Credit: Claudia Dean Coaching

and in case you are looking for a follow – along training,

Credit: Lazy Dancer Tips

Finally, in order to prevent any form of damage to your joints and your muscles, we could not stress the importance of training your turn-out. Proper turn-out is always important to execute the moves safely!

Credit: Kathryn Morgan

In order to see major improvement, practicing every day is often encouraged. However, do watch your body and where you are currently in your dance practice. If any pain is felt anywhere, take the time out to rest. After all, resting is part and parcel of improvement as well. Safety is always more important than looking good on stage.

What other types of techniques would you like us to talk about? Let us know in the comments below!

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