In recent years, there has been a surging trend in Singaporeans looking for unique ways to jumpstart their fitness lifestyles. On the bandwagon includes the likes of Spinning (high – intensity mobile bike cycling) to Aerial Yoga (elegant acrobatic-esque postures) that has captivated #fitspos from around the island. Amongst these dizzying array of new fitness offerings, an innocent but ‘lethal’ form of fitness emerges to be the current talk-of-the-town – Barre Fitness.

When one thinks of barre, the elegant lines of the ballet dancer are immediately brought to mind. Ballet, a dance that requires many years of vigorous training in order to reach a certain level of expertise, is an art form that many would not associate as an easily accessible form of fitness. So how does Barre Fitness reconcile that with the original art form? “Barre is to a large extent different from usual ballet classes, as we avoid going into long combinations. Most movements are focused on being very isometric (small and controlled), unlike in a ballet class where the goal is high legs and more pirouettes.” Clarissa Ann, a Barre Fitness instructor with the Barre Lab explained.

She gave a further example in the difference between ballet and barre: “Dance is usually about expressing and impressing whether in class or at competitions or performances. For dance, we consider success in terms of being certified or recognised by the general public (distinctions for exams, putting up an impressive performance, winning an award etc.). Whereas, barre is more for yourself. We believe that everyone has their own journey. At the end of the day, the aim for barre is more self-recognised.” Indeed, in barre fitness, due to the further incorporation of elements such as Yoga and Pilates, the benefits reaped are of personal ones, such as greater flexibility, stamina and strength.

For those who dreamt of doing ballet but never dared to try it out due to its challenges and dedication? Barre Fitness might be just for you! Who knows, you might get skilful or gain enough confidence to try out Ballet as well.  Clarissa agrees: “Overall, Barre is really for anyone! Whether you have dance background or if you have not exercised in a decade. In class, there is no judgement.”

So now that we cleared the air about the difference between ballet and barre fitness, why not give these studios a try?


Barre Fitness is not just an ordinary fitness class. Picture Credit: Clarissa

The studio that Clarissa teaches at, the Barre Lab provides classes for Hatha Barre, a combination of ballet techniques with yoga and pilates technique and queues. 

Main Class Offerings:

  • Barre 101 — focused on building a strong foundation. More isometric movements, lots of explanation and individual adjustments
  • Barre Flow – focused on combining aspects of yoga, pilates, pure barre fitness and classic strength training through invigorating dance movement.
  • Barre Power — more movement based, less alignment queues, more cardio than isometric
  • Barre Stretch — not meant to sweat, so movements are slower. We aim for a deep tissue stretch, so you may find students holding a movement for up to 30 seconds

Location: 60B Duxton Road, Singapore 089524

Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar, Outram Park

Price Range: Starting from $28 for a single class. Check out here for class packages!

Too far? No worries, they will be opening a new studio in the East at Joo Chiat in February 2019!


With specially-trained instructors, you would always be safe while you sweat! Picture Credit: Barre2Barre Facebook

Originally from Hong Kong, Barre2Barre is now one of the most established barre fitness studios in Singapore, with wellness retreats and even an academy training future barre teachers!

Main Class Offerings:

  • BarreAmped Mixed — A versatile class to cater to all levels of training
  • BarreAmped Bootcamp — fusing High Intensity Interval Training with foundation training in BarreAmped for a high cardio class!
  • BarreAmped Power Stretch  — Deep tissue stretch with foundations in BarreAmped. Positions are held for longer periods to ensure you get the best out of your workout.

Location: 42a Hongkong Street 059681

Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay, Chinatown

Price Range: Starting from $42 for a single class. Check out here for class packages!


Training strength and stamina is only part and parcel of these instructor’s daily lives. Picture Credit: WeBarre

A unique method of barre fitness created by Rachael Fraser, the founder of the WeBarre method, the combination of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga would bound to be a workout you wouldn’t want to miss! 

Main Class Offerings:

  • WeBarre Signature Multi-Level — the signature class that fuses isometric movements with dynamic movements that will transform your body.
  • WeBarre Fundementals – focuses on building technique and form for the beginner!
  • WeBarre HIIT— a cardio – based workout that fuses barre movement with intense action.
  • WeBarre Stretch and Technique ­– focuses on increasing flexibility and reducing risk of injury to help lengthen tight muscles!


86B Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088507 (Tanjong Pagar)

5A Stanley Street, Singapore 068724 (Telok Ayer)

39C North Canal Road, Singapore 059295 (Clarke Quay)

Price Range: Starting from $40 for a single class. Check out here for class packages!

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