The Start Of Something New: CO-EXIST

In a world that’s constantly progressing at a frightening pace, it’s no wonder that many of us would want to upgrade ourselves to keep up with times but at what cost?

If you’ve not been keeping up with the local dance scene, Legacy Dance Co. will be having their third annual production on 11th November 2018 at the Kallang Theatre titled Starstruck!

Official Coexist KV.jpg
“The inspiration of the theme came from our current society. Nowadays, many people are obsessed with fame and recognition through social media and online rankings.” Abigail Goh, the marketing executive for Legacy Dance Co said:” We hope to increase awareness of this situation in the world, and show that there is more to life than living for recognition and acceptance.”

The story this year revolves around a dystopian world where social ranking affects every aspect of people’s lives. One such individual was Sebastian, who thirsted for fame and power and eventually betrayed his friends due to it. After achieving his goals, he realizes that having fame and power is nothing after losing everything.

Supported by the National Youth Council, Noise Singapore, ASICSTIGER and Business For Good, this year’s creative storyline sets itself apart from the previous interpretations of Co-Exist. By pairing up theatrical acting and film to enhance the experience, Co-Exist is set to be the most unique student-run production in 2018 yet!

 “Audiences can expect to be starstruck. They can expect to see the hard work and sweat put in by dancers and instructors alike.” Abigal remarked:” Despite some of them being new, audiences can expect to see the dancers’ passion for dance.”

Intrigued by the storyline? Well, there are two showtimes for the production,  2 PM and 7 PM. What are you waiting for? Click here* to purchase your tickets and see you at Co-Exist 2018: Starstruck!

*Further details can be found in the form itself


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