Myth Busters: Dancer Edition #2

Is it true that when there’s a full moon, the werewolves will assume their wolf form and roam the wilderness? or is there any truth that there is a monster under your bed this whole time? Just that we can’t see it?


Hello, my fellow readers,
it’s the one and only MisterBreton, back with a special edition of Myth Busters.

Why is it special you might ask?

Well, sticking to the true spirit of Halloween, we will be busting paranormal myths about the two most popular performing theatres in Singapore in the performing arts scene.

Personally, although I’m not the biggest fan of this paranormal stuff, I do believe somewhat in the supernatural. But even if you don’t believe in the supernatural, do have a read and who knows…. maybe that one ‘incident’ wasn’t really coincidental after all?


If you have performed there or watched a performance before, do tell us if you witnessed any such encounters yourself,  or better yet, tell me what places I might have missed out on!

Anyways, let us begin.

The Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall. 

The front view of the Victoria Theatre may be grandiose now, but it houses a long and often turbulent history. PC: Google

Let us take a look at its origin, shall we?

Back in the 1980s, it was built to serve as a town hall. Besides hosting offices, it was already used to hold both theatre and opera performances and even possessed a library!

In 1901, the memorial hall was to be built in memory of Queen Victoria who passed in that same year. After collecting public funds, it was decided that the memorial hall should be built next to the current town hall, where the excess of public funds that were collected would then be used to renovate the older town hall as to blend in with the new memorial hall. The iconic clock dominating the Victoria Theatre that we know today was built as a way to merge the two buildings together.

The place had been used for not only historically significant moments but many horrific instances as well. Most notably, it was a make-shift hospital back in World War 2 and it was the very venue for the trials for the Japanese war crimes.

It was not until 1979 when it was renovated to accommodate the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) then it was renamed as the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall we all know today.

You might be wondering: “Hey MisterBreton, I’m here for the spooky facts, not a history lesson!!”

Well, those are facts that you need to know before I let you in on the juicy parts!

As it was a make-shift hospital during World War 2, performers at the revamped Victoria Theatre have complained about paranormal activities, ranging from the cries of soldiers in pain to shadow figures appearing in photos taken within the venue.


Words spread like wildfire after these accounts soon after, The Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall has been a hotspot for thrill-seekers to try experiencing paranormal activity.

A submission on about The Victoria Theater and Concert hall shares on how there was an extra person who photo-bombed their photo after their band performance.

Underneath the pretty facade holds quite the chilling backstory of Victoria Theatre.

Ghost or not,  I do believe that there is a high chance that there might be a wandering spirit or two in Victoria Theatre.

Kallang Theatre

This one should be more familiar to us dancers, the beloved Kallang Theatre.


Opened on 1970 as the Kallang Cinema, it was the largest cinema in Singapore before it was converted into a theatre when the National Theatre closed down.

Although it is a relatively new building compared to its other compatriot The Victora Theater and Concert Hall, Kallang Theatre also carries its fair share of paranormal activity. Most notably, the ah mah (granny in Hokkien dialect) of Kallang Theater.

There are performers and people who have patronized the venue witnessing a wandering ah mah at the venue who just walks around even though the area is cordoned off for repairs or just strictly out of bounds. When attempting to ask her who is she, she would smile and suddenly disappear.

People might think: Oh, she might just be a staff there, that’s why she could enter those areas. Well, if that’s true, she has to be one of the most unfriendly staff members working at Kallang Theatre.

But then again from my own personal experience performing at Kallang Theater, I did feel the presence of shadow people but old lady or not, I was unable to tell.

Up to this date, no one knows her identity or if she really exists or not, Thus for this venue, it’s plausible that there might be some form of paranormal activity there, but I’m not having any of it.

Before I end off today’s article, should you somehow encounter or end up in a situation where there are signs of paranormal activity, follow these basic rules and who knows it might just save your life:

1) Don’t instigate them. If you do, you’re just asking for trouble.

2) If you do happen to feel their presence/ see them (if you are the lucky one with the third eye), acknowledge it and move on. Depending if you have a religion or not, you might want to say a little prayer or chant a sutra or anything to calm your nerves down.

3) Remember that lucky amulet your mom got for you? Yea, that’s your life saver now, so remember to give your mom a big hug when you reach home.

4) Even if you’re not the biggest fan of horror or maybe you don’t believe in it, just familiarize yourself with the more common spirits/ghosts like the Pontianak, Toyols etc. so you roughly know what you’re dealing with should that time come.

That’s all we have for today!


This is MisterBreton, signing off.

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