Dancer(s) Of The Month: OCTOBER

The All-Babes Cineleisure Dance Challenge 2018 may have just ended their Semi-Finals, but the crews that competed revealed the uniqueness of what Singapore’s dance scene has become. In particular, one team stood out with their distinctive style – MAMA CHICAS.  We speak to them to find out more about the conceptualisation of their piece! 

How did all of you meet?

“MAMA CHICAS was founded by our mentors, Lady Bird and dt, when they decided to bring two students each together to form this crew. Prior to that, we have known each other for about a year.”

What made you decide to join ABCD together?

Despite tight schedules, the girls of MAMA CHICAS always made it work. PC: Shanice Elizabeth

“We are bonded by our passion for dance. Naturally, over many dance sessions together, our friendship grew to the point where we started to look out for each other, like sisters. Apart from supporting each other in dance battles, we decided to come together for ABCD 2018, to represent ourselves and our dance.”

What inspired the concept behind your item?

“Each one of us pursues very different genres and we did not want to be bound by any particular genre for our piece. Music comes before the dance, without the music there is no dance. Therefore, the music, “Doo Wop (That Thing) and “Made For Now”, were chosen to showcase our feelings, beliefs and personalities. With that in mind, we wanted to empower females to appreciate who they are.”

How did you prepare for this competition?

“We have practices every week with our mentors and several self-practices as well.”

What prompted you to name the team MAMA CHICAS?

“Our group name ‘MAMA CHICAS’ is inspired by the Spanish slang ‘Chicas’, which is defined as a strong confident woman that people find pride in just knowing her. We aspire to exude such confidence and maturity, and we hope to inspire other women to be confident in their own skin.”

Any difficulties you experienced while preparing for the competition? Did you overcome it and how?

Practices are usually held at P.A.T.H ACME ACADEMY or at SMU. PC: Shanice Elizabeth

“It was difficult to ‘squeeze’ in extra practices due to our individual schedules. But with this being our first appearance in a showcase competition, we wanted to connect with the audience and represent our identity the best we can. Therefore, we did our best to rush down after our personal commitments and stay focused during practices, even if the practices run till late at night.”

What does dance mean to you?

“Dance is our safe space – an escapism and a channel for our emotions and worries. Dance is about understanding the culture and meaning behind the music – representing the music with our movements. At the end of the day, dance is about our personal connection to our inner self through music.”

What are your thoughts on the local dance scene?

Always ready for the camera. PC: Shanice Elizabeth

“We are very thankful that the local dance scene is so inclusive. Being fairly new to the scene, the seniors were encouraging and also willing to share their experiences to help us grow.”

Please define what Community means to you.

“Community means to support and encourage each other in our shared passion for dance, despite different opinions and perspectives.”

What are your thoughts on our current dance community?

“According to our seniors, our current dance community has grown so much over the years. We now have the privilege to learn from our local pioneers and even international dancers. We are blessed to have such exposure to understand the culture of the dance itself and we hope that as our generation of dancers steps up, we will only continue to make this community a stronger one.”

Any wise words that you keep in your heart when the going gets tough?

“Be true to yourself, remember why you love to dance and enjoy every moment!”

Finally, any events in the upcoming months we can catch MAMA CHICAS at?

“Minsi, Celestine and Sheryl are currently in Singapore’s first hip-hop league, THE HIP HOP DEAL St. One. The final round will be held on 20 October. You can catch Denise at the upcoming locking event, Lock City 2018 (Singapore Qualifiers) on 21 October. MAMA CHICAS will also be releasing our dance videos in 2019 on our YouTube Channel. Stay tuned for that!”

Although they did not make it to Finals, we sure are looking forward to what else they have to offer. In the words of their mentor, dt: “this is only the beginning for MAMA CHICAS!”


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