Community in Diversity: Featuring Belle



There’s one day in a year where the people of Singapore, from all walks of life, come together to celebrate another year of being an independent community. This day is marked by putting up flags in establishments, wearing red and or white, and last but definitely not the least: the National Day Parade (NDP) held at Marina Bay’s Floating Platform!

Every year, we are presented with wonderful songs, goodie bags, and performances…  This year is no different with the theme of “We Are Singapore” celebrating Singapore’s unique diversity. And what’s a better way to talk about diversity than to talk to someone who embodies it?

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 11.24.50 PM.png
Courtesy of Ysabelle Tuazon (Belle).

“My name is Belle, 19 years old, currently studying at ITE College West, I’m a Filipino and I’m a Singaporean. One of the reasons why I look forward to National Day every year is because it brings the people together and there’s just this sense of pride and unity on that special day.”

Belle shared that she got involved in NDP through her school co-curricular activity, West Styles District, a dance group from ITE College West.

“At first I was really reluctant and I wasn’t looking forward to any of the (dance) practices but as months passed by, I started to enjoy it because I was able to bond with my dance mates as well as make new friends from other schools.”

Everyone who is part of the parade has an important role to play. The dancers get together to practice every week and ensure they know their parts, the exact timing to move, and where to be at which count.

“Rehearsals at Kranji Camp II was really hot because we would be standing under the hot sun for hours but the army guys will be walking around, spraying us with cold water. Food-wise, sometimes, we would either have Pizza Hut or KFC for lunch or dinner but most of the time, we’ll have bentos.”

To make sure that she is not neglecting her studies, Belle said that she “always made sure to have time for my school work”. Especially when she was preparing for S24 alongside her crew during the same period. (Editor’s note: Congrats to WSD by the way!)

Do catch Belle and the rest of the National Day Parade program tonight at the Floating Platform or watch the live telecast in all Mediacorp television channels from 6:05pm to 8:25pm!

“My item is the first act and it’s about the past and present workers of Singapore coming together to make what Singapore it is today.”

What a meaningful way of kicking off the National Day Celebrations!

*This article is sponsored.


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