If you want to find out how to win a six-month dance training for you and your teammates – while having fun at the same time – scroll down to read more about the JAMBOREE SHOWDOWN at Legacy Dance Co.!

Rarely do dance competitions in Singapore offer you the chance to hone your dance technique if you win. Most just let you walk away with a trophy and cash prizes. But as we all know, dance is a journey, and winning the accreditation does not mean your journey stops there. Often times, we wonder ‘what now?’ once a competition ends, but the Jamboree Showdown seeks to end all of that.

Held at Sime Darby, Legacy Dance Co., the competition will happen on the 17th of June as part of The Jamboree, a month-long event held by Legacy to encourage dance in Singapore! The brainchild of Chan Jia Jun and his team of dance instructors, the competition allows the winner to walk away with six-month dance training worth up to $6,000 for all your teammates.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-05 at 4.59.42 PM.jpeg“We realise that bigger name competitions tend to have repeat crews joining” Chan Jia Jun, Principal of Legacy Dance Co said. “It may deter rookie dancers from joining because it is too intimidating.” Catering to dancers aged from 13 to 24 years old, it is meant to be a platform for dancers to gain exposure to the competition scene regardless of their background in dance.

With a diverse range of instructors such as Chin, Yi De and Tina judging the showcase, the dancers are able to walk away with constructive feedback and come back stronger the next time. Seeking to find dancers who are new to the dance life and are eager to try out intensive dance training themselves, Jia Jun believes: “The dance journey of dancers does not end at the competition. It continues on.”

Want to experience the Showdown for yourself? Gather your friends and enter the competition here*!

*Further details can be found in the form itself.

Hesitant to join the competition? That’s alright! Come down to Legacy on the 17th of June to soak in the atmosphere anyway.

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There will be a fun and games carnival for your friends and family to enjoy and concurrent dance workshops for you to experience the beauty of dance first-hand. Want to find out more about what is in store for you in the month of June? Click here to get festive!


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