Mother Mentors


In order to become better in a craft you’re pursuing, whether that’s dancing or other fields, you would need to find a mentor who can teach you the way and who’s not afraid to correct you when you’re wrong. In a book published by David Clutterbuck in 2017, he even goes as far as saying that they can help “make a substantial difference to the choices we make, how confident we feel in making them, and how likely we are to achieve what we want”. A mentor is someone who can provide a person who is younger or with less experience, with some help or advice in a specific area.

Similarly, moms play this role to their children.

Mothers also take part in shaping her children and nurturing them as they grow up. They are part of their child’s firsts. Children absorb everything at a young age and parents would often emphasise on the disciplines they want their child to have: what is good vs bad; what is right vs wrong. Children see children do.

So there’s no surprise when Haziq was influenced by his mom, Mazlina, into becoming a dancer!

About Haziq Noorazwa

Artika Dance Company 2.jpeg
Picture courtesy of Haziq from one of their latest projects

Haziq graduated from ITE College West, Higher Nitec in Leisure and Travel Operations. He started dancing at the age of 5 and professionally since 12 at Atrika Dance Company where his mom asked him to join her group. He was part of the street dance Co-Curricular Activity called West Style District in ITE. Aside from working as an Attraction Host, he is also a Dance Instructor in Atrika Dance Company. His classes every Saturday, 12nn to 3pm.

Describe your mom as a dancer.

I strongly believe my mother, Mazlina Buang, is a strong and unique dancer, choreographer and instructor. She will find ways to be different, be it in styling and her dance vocabulary. Of course with that, she had to go through many challenges in her field and especially in her generation. She faced problems such as having people accepting the idea of tradition being infused with modern techniques or beliefs.

That is why I salute my mother’s strength and confidence.

In what way has our mom influenced you in who you are now?

My mum has influenced me to be daring and to never doubt myself. Always embracing what I have and always being who I truly am.

My mum has influenced me to always try something and add a certain “kick” to my works.

How different, or similar, are you from your mom?

One obvious difference is that she leans towards the Jazz side whereas, I lean towards the Street side be it technically or artistically. But we both like dancing!

How did your mom get involved in dance?

My mum joined Sriwana long time ago, but it was to accompany her friend. But funnily, her friend ditched her. From then on, my mum continued at Sriwana alone without her friend.

Were they shocked when you took up dance?

Artika Dance Company 3.jpeg
From left: Syafiq (younger brother), Afiq (elder brother), Haziq, Mazlina (mother). Picture courtesy of Haziq.

Initially, she didn’t want me to dance but she knew how badly I wanted to do it. So she taught me, along with my siblings.

If your mom were a dance genre, what would she be and why?

Contemporary. She’s a constant change and forever evolving.

If you could choose a song to dance to with your mom, what would it be and why?

Arjuna Beta. I want her to know that all will be fine, and I will do her proud even when things get tough for all of us.

What is your message for your mom this mother’s day?

Artika Dance Company 1.jpg
Haziq and Mazlina. Picture courtesy of Haziq. 

Dear Ibu, I know things are not like how you want it to be lately but do know that I will love you to death and I am forever grateful for what you have done for me. Blessed.

Just like Mazlina, many other moms continue to influence and motivate their children into pursuing their dreams. They continue to stand beside us to nurture and be the pillar of support we need.

With that, we would like to wish all the mothers and acting mothers a very happy mother’s day!


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