Dancer Of The Month: MAY

For the month of May, our Dancer of the Month is the one and only Chin! A humble dancer who has made waves in the Singaporean dance community ever since he appeared, he is an inspiring dancer who is willing to contribute his passion to the dance community in Singapore.

From representing Singapore in Hip Hop International alongside Joyce and the Boys to collaborating with Benzo under Chris Martin for Project Home, he is the true representation of where determination and passion can bring you.

Check out his contribution to our latest video, The Sibling Challenge, here!

Talk me through your dance journey. Who/What inspired you to begin dance?

I watched Grasshopper when I was a kid, and 5566 as a teen. I found myself fooling around in front of the television trying to mimic their moves. Eventually, that got me interested to learn dance when I grew older.
What kept you going?
The experience and memories created with friends. The drive to push my craft. The impact it makes on the younger generation such as character building.
Having been in the industry for a while now, what changes did you see in the dance scene then and now?
Since then the maturity in choreography has grown. People are more exposed to dance due to social media which resulted in more younger people engaging in dance. More parents are acknowledging the positive impacts of dance and there are more people are pursuing dance as a career. There are many communities in dance now and there are bigger, more plentiful events which in turn aid in more platforms for different communities.
How do you think dance will change in the future?
Movements will evolve all the time. People are craving for more immediate gratification due to the culture of social media and the internet, which might result in newer dancers lacking the patience to work on the depth of their genre. Something that can be worked on through more time, dedication, patience and commitment to strive to improve!
What does dance mean to you?
It means friendships, a hobby and lifestyle, an art form that allows me to connect with people.
How do you juggle dance next to your other commitments?
I would say its time management, knowing how to prioritise and plan forward, and commitment to it all.
To all dancers that intend on juggling dance as a long-time commitment or even as a career, any words of advice for them?
Be sure to ask yourself WHY before diving into anything. Always go back to your WHY in the process. It doesn’t have to be dance, it can be applicable for anything you pursue in life.
Tell us more about the current goals you are setting yourself for in regards to dance! 
1) Reconnecting with friends
2) Helping dancers improve through constructive feedback
3) To continue to improve my craft through choreographies and making sets
4) Contributing to any community within my capacity.
Finally, any other events in the upcoming months that we will be able to catch you at?
Unfortunately (or fortunately!), Chin was tightlipped about the events he would be appearing at. However, you can continue to support him through his Instagram and Facebook!

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