OLD SCHOOL K-POP: Flashback!

Well hello there readers of Dance.Write.Repeat!


My name is Mister B, a resident reviewer here on this site and today, I’ll be giving you a review on old-school K-POP, specifically for the groups.

Nowadays when people ask you to list the names of K-POP groups, BTS, GOT7, Twice, BlackPink and many more surely pop up in your mind. Either that or you’re a pleb just like me who only knew the songs rather than the groups/ artist.

But in all honesty though, have you ever wondered how the K-wave begin?


Back in 2009, groups like SHINEE, BIG BANG, Super Junior, Girls Generation, 2NE1 and Wonder Girls were the household names of K-POP groups back then. Besides the catchy tunes and pretty/handsome group members, it was the dances that they performed in their MVs that made me like them even more.

So for today, let’s take a look at a few of these K-pop groups and the songs that helped cement the foundation for K-pop back then.

To begin with, there was SHINEE.


When they started out, their ballads and love songs had already won the hearts of countless fans. All the Shawols ( That’s what fans of SHINEE address themselves as.) will know about Love like Oxygen and Replay!

But it was only till later on in their careers when the track Ring Ding Dong was released, then their popularity exploded. It was a complete 180° change from their mellow, pretty -boy look they had back then.

Now you might be wondering, didn’t I just mention ring ding dong? Then why am I showing their MV and instead of showing Lucifer’s? Well, that’s a good question, To me, It was the song Lucifer that captured my attention and led me to listen to all of their songs.

Back in 2009, America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5 was won by Poreotics, a group which strengths were in popping and tutting. Tutting wasn’t a really common style back then, often overshadowed by other forms of dance within the same genre.

But Poreotics somehow managed to bring it back and brought the style back to the limelight in the most amazing fashion possible. Have a quick watch in the video below.

SHINEE somehow managed to catch on that trend. Besides the normal posing and front faced shots, they add in a mix of tutting and visuals to their dance number. As a fan of Poreotics, that was what made me love the MV even more and follow the group for years to come.

Next, we have Super Junior!


Let’s be honest, after finding out about the song, we all did that dance at least once.

Yes, I’m talking about singing the song while apologizing for a mistake. Besides that, LOOK AT THAT FANCY FOOTWORK!

Can’t get enough of their fancy footwork and sleek moves? Check out one of their later works Mr. Simple, which although the concept and tune do seem pretty similar to Sorry Sorry to a certain extent, its still another pretty catchy one.

On to girl power, there was Super Junior’s sister group, Girls Generation.


Now if I’m honest, I didn’t really listen to them much back in the day.

But who can deny that this song took the internet by storm?

The overall choreography of the song brings out a cute and yet sexy vibe which not only complimented the song very well, it manages to highlight the different personalities of each of their members too! It is also worth noting they danced in platform heels and that wasn’t common in those days.

Lastly, BIG BANG

Although they are not really known for their flashy dance moves till Fantastic Baby, they were more well known for their R&B style with songs like Tonight, Blue, Haru Haru and the most famous of all, Lies.

Everyone who followed BIGBANG knew that not too long ago, Taeyang and G-Dragon collaborated to produce GOOD BOY, one of the catchiest songs of 2014, but back then it was Taeyang himself, that stole the hearts of many young ladies with Wedding Dress.

I know I ain’t no high-levelled critique but that is some jaw-dropping dancing back in the day. Accompanied by the soothing ballad and a really sad backstory, his dance moves express the pain and anguish to see the person you love most marrying another person. Not to mention that solo with such musicality. My mind was definitely blown while watching the MV back then.

These are only part of a large pool of amazing songs that came out during that time. What else do you think its a really great KPOP classic with some awesome moves for its time?

Let me know in the comment section below!


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