HOW TO Concept Video: The BED

Budget. Equipment. Dates.



This is extremely crucial. No two films are exactly alike, especially when it comes to budgeting them. Depending on the scale of your production and the willingness of your team to contribute, you can spend a huge amount of money, or save some.

As mentioned in the first article, While It’s Day is dedicated to helping young artists realise their dreams – this also means translating those dreams into reality with $0 budget. So if you are reading this saying that money is a big obstacle, then read on!

Consider the things that may need some costs allocated to them:

  • Filming Equipment: Rentals for cameras, lighting and additional filming gear. Read more below!
  • Location: When filming in a rented place, such as a studio.
  • Set up & design: Costumes, make-up, props and overall design element.
  • Indenting Meals: Lunch, breakfast or dinner depending on schedule.
  • Crew & Dancers: Talent fee is real!!!

While It’s Day worked with young teens who volunteered to join the dance video to hone their skills in dancing and production. There was no budget in place for the crew and dancers so they provided their own meals, costumes and makeup during the whole production. But if you have already committed to a certain budget, it will be good to allocate some in this area.

Crews and dancers are talents. You are not only engaging the people but their time, skills they offer and sometimes even their equipment.



Having complete zero budget for the film really stretched the team to think of creative ways to avoid overspending, or avoid spending anything at all. But unless you have some filming equipment of your own to contribute, there is a need to get some that’s affordable for the project.

Theoretically, the only equipment we’ll ever really need when filming a video is a camera. Quality rises along with the price tag, but renting filming gear makes a solid option nonetheless. But again, the average smartphone can also be used if necessary.

While It’s Day borrowed a Lumix G DMC-GH4 DSLM (with 12-35mm Lens Kit) to film for the day contributed by a friend of the crew. If you have got some friends who are willing to lend you a good camera, let that be your first option. Another option would be to use a teammate’s iPhone camera. Or even any other phone camera – but the latest one, the better.

If you would like to spend some money on renting a camera or other filming equipment, here are some rental prices that you may want to compare:

  1. Sony RX100M5 Mirrorless camera – $30/day
  2. Canon EOS 1300D – $20/day
  3. Zhiyun Crane V2 DSLR Stabilizer – $25/day
  4. DJI Mavic Pro Drone – $25/day
  5. J Rental Centre – Professional filming equipment for rent (lenses and camera gear alike) [ISLANDWIDE PICK UP]



Organising dates for meetings, practices, filming and post-production are very important in executing a project efficiently. It provides a clear overview of the sequence of events and it is useful to keep track of the team’s progress – especially when you want to release the project by a certain date which was Christmas Day for While Its Day.

Some factors you may want to consider are:

  1. The frequency of practices to allocate rest and meet everyone’s availability
  2. Amount of meetings in proportion to the project size
  3. Timeline for video editing
Filming Schedule.png
While Its Day’s rough timeline for the production.

When you are prepared with these 3 things (setting a budget, acquiring the equipment needed, and planning out your important dates) you will be more than capable of executing a good quality shoot and a facilitating a project easily.

And that’s all you really need in making a dance video!


We hope this series gave you a little bit more of an idea on how to create a dance video from scratch! To recap other parts of this HOW TO series, click below!

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Special thanks to contributor writer, Jirel Yu!


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