Five Ways to Dance on a Budget!

We know… we know… Dance is an expensive hobby. Daily life expenses are painful enough on our pockets, but who knew being addicted to dancing can be so draining on our wallets?!

From purchasing costumes to buying equipment, the list seems inexhaustible. As much as we wish money can fall from the sky to fund our endless passion, it is not always enough. For some reason, Life will definitely find a way to make having “no money” the basis of our dance lifestyle.

soupyessentialbird-size_restrictedNot only that, after spending money on these things, we barely have enough to invest in our other interests, like shopping or eating…. (you can feel our pain right?)

Of course, having no money means we often could not afford the most expensive thing on our list – classes!

So here are some ways to beat the empty wallet, and have some cash to spend at the end!

1) Learn from YouTube Videos

This is a no-brainer! Of course, it cannot beat the interactive element of the actual class itself, but you can always learn new choreography or steps to impress your friends if you ever go back to attending classes.

You can try learning choreography from the likes of Matt Steffanina:

And if you can’t seem to catch that footwork, you can always search it up on YouTube and practice on your own till it gets perfect!

It’s like secretly training to become a Kung-Fu master of sorts…?

But of course, train carefully, some dance genres like classical ballet requires professional coaching, so do choose what you learn wisely!


2) Dance at open spaces/ home

With an abundance of open spaces in Singapore, you are almost able to dance anywhere. (Yes, even the void decks under your HDB) As long as you keep to public rules, you are safe to go.


Too shy to do it alone? Grab your friends and find a place to meet and dance! You can take turns to choreograph and teach, or even just freestyle. Popular places like *Scape and the airport are great but if you feel too intimidated, void decks are good places to start.

0dmxvBut if you are someone who prefers to be alone when dancing, being cosy in your room is a great place to start too, just blast that music and dance away!




3) Get a Part-Time job!

For students, let’s be real. Allowance from parents is simply not going to cut it. If you want to dance, and still be able to eat whatever you want, get a part-time job!

as-a-person-with-a-full-time-job-trying-to-find-better-work-this-is-a-major-letdown-when-searching-203395.jpgThere are many flexible part-time jobs nowadays, and you are sure to find one that fits into your schedule. If you are lucky enough, you may even get to work in dance-related jobs. So get out there and find a job! You will gain good experience for the working world and have enough to support your hobby.

Thank us later 😉

If you are a full-time working adult, you can ignore this tip. Full- time work is hard enough that we rather you chill out.

A little advice is to set aside a set amount of money to dance every month. Like a little contribution of sorts. Of course, not too much that you don’t save, but enough that you are able to go for classes every week!

4)Go for Open Houses/ Events held by studios

This is a real money-saver. Dance studios frequently have open houses to welcome new students, and the open classes will usually be cheaper than the usual classes. It’s also a great opportunity to learn from that instructor you always idolised without burning your pocket.

Aside from that, most studios frequently have events that allow you to save more through discount and vouchers!

Attracted to a certain studio? Follow their Facebook page for updates, and you will definitely snag great deals from their websites, you will always have the first know to book a slot before it’s gone!


5) Purchase packages

If you went to their open house classes (maybe one time too many), consider getting their packages! Most dance studios’ packages are value for money and could save more in the long run.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about coughing up money for the next round, and you will get to learn more from one instructor than constantly jumping around.

If you want ideas on where to start, check out our article “5 Studios Every Dancer Should Visit in Singapore” or simply call and inquire with the respective studio!


That’s all for our tips! We hope that these will help you along the way of saving money while dancing. Or even for those that stopped because they are broke, we wish that this would be an encouragement to continue your hobby.


“Passion never dies even when money does” 😀






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