HOW TO Concept Video: The Concept

concept-video-title.pngDance is no longer restricted to a small (or sometimes a big) stage – this art is has been released from boundaries like curtains, spotlights and subtle markings on the floor. Today, we carry dance performances around with us in our pockets and laptop sleeves to be viewed as and when we like.

When a choreographed piece and a camera meets, they can truly produce something remarkable. And we are here to help you realise your vision into reality!

But before we whip out our cameras and start recording, here’s a little checklist on the things you may need to get yourself started on this journey:

  1. Main Video Concept
  2. Team
  3. Equipment & Dates
  4. Location and Setup
  5. Filming!

Now that you have an overview of the things you may need, let’s start the concept planning!



If you don’t have anything specific in your mind on what you want to do, YouTube is always a good place to get inspirations from! But if you’re still left stumped after looking through a few videos online, you may look at the dates of when you want to produce the project by, your target audience, a message you are trying to bring across. Sometimes, you can even base everything on a song or a movie you’ve watched!


For the team from While It’s Day, they chose to release their video in December so it only seemed fitting to dance to a Christmas song!

Theme Enjoying Christmas
Music Last Christmas by Ariana Grande
Date 24 December 2017
Audience Young teens


After the concept has been locked in, you can proceed to the rest of your planning. 30% of your journey is complete! 


In the next article, we will be talking about the power team you’ll need!

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