HOW TO Concept Video: Introduction



It’s not hard to find any dance showcase videos nowadays with loads of studios using social media as a platform to share their passion in dance and their choreographies. In fact, Kyle Hanagami’s Choreography of Shape of You by Ed Sheeran sits nicely at top 2 in Youtube’s top 10 most played videos. But the dance community is stepping up by creating more engaging ways to showcase choreography videos – through concept videos.


What is a (dance) Concept Video?

Imagine a line with “Movie” at one end and “Music Video” in the other. In the middle of that line is where both meets – the place where Concept Video lies.

A (dance) Concept Video usually runs with a theme or a plot and is told through a visual narrative that could include characters and settings. It can be funny, scary, sad or however you wish it to be!


While the lights, video quality and dance looking all on point, it can be a pretty daunting project to embark on.  But it doesn’t have to be! Over the next few releases from this series, we will be breaking down how someone can create a dance concept video from scratch with little to no budget!

We’d like to thank While It’s Day for giving us the privilege to join them behind the scenes as they produce a Christmas-themed dance concept video. While It’s Day is a dedicated social platform for young artists on a creative journey. They believe in nurturing budding artists and being a supporting community in getting their work out to the public.


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