Dancer Of The Month: DECEMBER

An actor, a dancer, a teacher…. Benzo is many things but lazy. Having travelled around the world in pursuit of improving his craft in dance, he is what many dancers dream to be – living out his passion.

Benzo is our Dancer of The Month this December! Join us below as we chat with him about his dedication, and motivation to keep dancing.

Check out his collaboration with Chris Martin two years ago!

Hi Benzo! Talk me through your dance journey. Who/What inspired you to begin dance?

“You wouldn’t believe it but I got inspired to dance because of a Taiwan boy band called “Energy”. I remember watching their music videos where they busted b-boy moves which got me so hyped up to want to learn b-boy! I wasn’t really interested in other genres at first, but with the help of my friends I realised that other genres helped me in b-boy in terms of understanding my body better. From there, I began to develop an interest in other genres.”

What kept you going?

“Well, after started learning from my mentor Jon, I knew I fell in love with dancing as I cannot stop thinking about it or even stop dancing!”

Any personal challenges you overcame to be the dancer you are today?

“Definitely! One will be parents stopping me cause they thought I was hanging around with wrong the company – but I was learning new moves and understanding my body. I had to force them to watch my small performances, competitions and concerts. From there they were proud and impressed, realising how much I loved dancing and supported me ever since.  I am glad I persevered and be the dancer I am today.”

Having been dancing for a long time now, what changes did you see in the dance scene then and now?

“I believe dancers now follow the trend of what’s hype compared to my time where dancers strive to improve and finding that flavour in their dance. Not saying there isn’t now but I feel young dancers focus more on being up there: getting recognition rather than enjoying the process.”

How do you think dance will change in the future?

“I believe it will get recognised more in the future as by looking at it now, there are many good opportunities for the dancers now which I’m really happy about!”

What does dance mean to you?

“It’s more than just something I can’t live without or about expressing myself. Dance has become a part of me whereby I want to understand it more.”

“Because when you want to evolve with it, you want to understand it.”

What influenced your decision to follow dance as a career?

“It just happens like that, I’m really thankful for JJ Chan, Director of EV Dance, for giving me opportunities to teach and share my craft and love for dance. And of course all my friends around me that supports and guide me as well!”

To all dancers that intend to take up dance as a career, any words of advice for them?

“Don’t rush, make sure you’re ready and always remember it’s not about you showing off your skills but more of you showing them how to love it. Guide your students and most importantly impart values like how our mentors did. Always upgrade yourself, train and take classes, though I’m lazy at times I make sure I’ll get my lazy ass to do it .”

Finally, any other events in the upcoming months that we will be able to catch you at? 

Do come and support at the Converge Recital happening in January! 🙂


As the holidays approach us, we can not forget to appreciate the dancers around us! If you know someone who deserves to be appreciated, drop us an email suggestion and he/she might be the next DOTM!

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