Three Dance Genres We’d Love for You to Try!


Think of dance, and the first few dance genres that come to mind is often Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary…. but outside of these more popularly known forms, there is a diverse range of dances to be explored! For those who are keen on experiment with something different, here are Three Dance Genres We’d Love for You to Try!

Tap Dancing

For those who watched La La Land, put your hands up!

Thanks to the Oscar-winning movie, tap dancing is back in style. Don’t believe us? Click here (link) to read about Ryan, a up-and-coming dancer who dreams of tap dancing because of it! Aside from training dancers in rhythm, tap dancing requires dancers to build up strong stamina for intricate and intense footwork.

But aside from all that intensity, tap dancing is quite a social form of dance. Imagine if you could break the monotony of boring events with simply tapping and clicking your heels to the music….

Here is Postmodern Jukebox’s take on tap dancing for you to feast your eyes and ears on!


Interested in picking it up? Why not try out tap dancing at these studios in Singapore:


Pole Dancing

As a kid, I’ve always loved to swing around on the MRT poles just because it was so fun…until my mother reprimanded me for being a nuisance on trains. For those who have the same experiences as I did, now you can swing about on poles in the comfort of studios around Singapore!

For those who are very obedient, why not take the time to hang loose and train your body at the same time? Demanding much body control and focus, pole dancing isn’t as effortless as it looks, and it will sure to be a very captivating conversation starter as well!

Check out our recent podcast to find out more about Pole dancing!


Here are some studios where you can pick it up!


Lion Dancing

What, did you read it right? Lion Dancing?! Not one that people associate most commonly with dancing, lion dance is a skill all on its own. Aside from having to master hand-eye coordination, you must have good balancing skills and sizable strength to dance professionally.

To see how serious lion dance can get, you can watch the 2016 Championships here (note, it’s quite a long video):


Often seen during Chinese festivals, it can be quite difficult to find schools that teaches the art of Lion Dance in Singapore. However, there are classes held by People’s Association so you can always try your luck with our local troupes!








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