Dancer 101: How to Make Friends?


Aside from dancing on stage, a dancer can also be identified through many other things like what they bring, what they wear and how they carry themselves! In this series, we will be sharing our takes on how to spot a dancer and “how” to be a dancer.


Do you remember your first day of school where you wanted to be friendly but barely knew anyone and weren’t sure how to make friends? This happens in dance classes too and we have just the solution for that: Look approachable and be the first to strike a conversation!


If you haven’t realised yet, it seems like it gets harder and harder to make friends as we get older. Priorities start to change and our huge circle of friends just keep shrinking with every milestone you reach in your life. Not that this bothers most of us, but sometimes, we just want to get to know other people even if it is just for that one class.


Now that you’ve packed your bags and have already picked the class you want to go for, how exactly do you make the most out of it? If you’d like to make friends with other dancers in your class, here are a few conversation starters we’ve brainstorm for you while in class:



Whether you want to have something to post on your social media that night, or just have a keepsake of the class you attended, it wouldn’t hurt to ask someone do it for you. This is definitely a great and easy conversation starter because it’s common to take videos of the dance showcase at the end of the class.

Nothing abnormal about that!




Sometimes choreographers teach too fast and we forget a step or two. If you missed it or completely blanked out, ask the dancer next to you to show or teach you. Everyone is there to learn, so don’t be afraid to ask!





Realised you’re “featured” in someone else’s video? Muster up the courage to approach him/her and ask for a copy!

Extra tip: Do a number exchange so that in case he or she forgets to give it to you, you can send a reminder.



An overused pick-up line. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting for you to jump right into taking your relationship from “almost non-existing” to something else, but it’ll be a great and light conversation starter for someone who came to the class alone!

If all else fails, it’s a great and funny story to laugh about with your other dance friends in the future.


And if you’re a little bit more comfortable:




If you have a little bit more time on your hands, this is a great filler! Everyone has a story to tell of where they learned their moves. Friendship are built when stories are told from both sides.




Not the best way to make friends, but if you’ve ran out of options, here’s something you might want to try!


We hope that you are now ready to conquer the dance scene in Singapore feeling more prepared and a little bit more confident with these suggestions. Comment below which one(s) you have tried before!

See you in the dance floor! 😉



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