Dancer 101: Which Class To Go For?


Aside from dancing on stage, a dancer can also be identified through many other things like what they bring, what they wear and how they carry themselves! In this series, we will be sharing our takes on how to spot a dancer and “how” to be a dancer.


Now that you’ve got your dance packs ready, which dance class should you go for?

Through research.

With the advancement of technology today, it is definitely easier to learn things by just using our fingertips. Now, this goes for the dance industry with lots of digital dance classes emerging (aka Youtube!). But if you prefer to have a live session with human interaction, like we do, it can still be done! Simply go to your web browser and let your fingers do a little dance on the keyboard.

Let’s start grooving!


1 – Dance Studios 

One factor you can decide on is the proximity of the dance studio location. If you don’t like long travels while rocking an after-dance-class sweaty look, knowing the studios near your area will definitely narrow your choices. Unless, of course, you don’t mind travelling the distance to dance the night away!

2 – Genres

Do you like fast sharp dance numbers? Or would more likely to opt for a controlled and delicately choreographed piece?

There are dance studios or classes that teach only certain dance styles (like Ballet Eastern Dance and Salsa Under the Stars) while others offer a wide range of dance styles from ballet to K-pop (like Wings to Wings and Stepping Out Studios).

3 – Choreographers

Is there a particular choreographer that got you wanting to delve into dancing? If you do, this might help you get started on your dance journey!

Figure out what you like about the choreographer and you can break down your choices from there!


4 – Price

Each studio has different price packages for their classes. Best to book a class with your heart and wallet prepared by going to their website as most studios now do online booking!


Well, those are four tips we have for the dancers-to-be out there. What are you waiting for? Grab your bags and let’s go!


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