Dance.Write Repeat is proud to present DANCER OF THE MONTH, where we talk to must-watch dancers in Singapore!

Representing the month of September will be Genewaye Yeo, 22. An alumni of New Revolving Age, he is also a member of Free The Style, a home-grown free-styling crew.

Often seen in free-styling competitions and events in Singapore, Genewaye is no stranger to the Singapore dance scene, and he is often seen doing collaborations with various notable dance establishments in Singapore! We were lucky enough to get Genewaye to take time out to talk to us about his recent collaboration (video below!) with Ryan Lim, as well as chat about his origins in dance.

Thank you for agreeing to this interview Genewaye! So first of all, who/what inspired you to start dance?

As a kid, my parents would always play music during the weekends, which led me to love music and in turn made me feel like moving to the music. I was always either to shy to do it or I would just feel that I need to learn dance properly before dancing.

After ‘O’ levels ended, my friends invited me to perform with them for a campfire/ performance night. Towards the end of the first rehearsal, my friends just started to play music and told me hey just dance and like try free-styling to the music. I was scared at first but I decided to try it out regardless, and from there I fell in love with dancing.

So what kept you going?

Throughout my dance journey, the thing that keeps me going is my love for music, every time I feel like giving up I would always remind myself that music is the reason why I dance.

So what does dance mean to you then?

This is a tough question. I am always thinking about it and so far the answer to me is that dance is something that allows me to express the emotions I feel whenever I hear a particular song. It’s a lifestyle, something that is deeply connected and affected by our character, experiences and our emotions.

Sounds legit. Are there any events in the coming months that we will be able to catch you at? 

The events that I will be performing or competing at is Bring Them Out Vol. 4 on September 2nd and Coexist by Legacy Dance Co.  on the October 28th and 29th!

We will most definitely be down to support you! Finally, how did Ryan and you came up with the concept for the recent video collaboration?

Ryan and I always wanted to collaborate and create a video ever since we became friends in Polytechnic, however due to various reasons (schedule, time, procrastination, other commitments etc. ) we never really got down to it.

So this year we finally decided to make it a reality. We met up in early March and started to come up with ideas that we wanted to try out as we believe that if we would want to do a video, it should at least be showing a concept or story rather than just random dancing. So we thought about it, but most of the ideas we came up with were either done before or too boring.

After a while we decided to do something that can be made into a series, and so we came up with the concept of showing the journey of making a concept video and the different ideas that usually would come to mind with a comedic twist.

Check out their collaboration here! 


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