Dancer 101: What’s In My Bag? (GIVEAWAY below!)


Aside from dancing on stage, a dancer can also be identified through many other things like what they bring, what they wear and how they carry themselves! In this series, we will be sharing our takes on how to spot a dancer and “how” to be a dancer.

Let’s kick off this series with a few things that we know for sure dancers would include in their packs and never leave the house without! Dancers, make sure you read all the way to the end for a bonus tip. We believe our extra item will make your dance bag better regardless if you carry a duffel bag, backpack, tote bag, or even a handbag! (Also do check out our giveaway at the end of this article.)



Surprise, surprise! This is definitely a dancer’s best friend.

You can keep the music to yourself or even blast the music out loud, letting the whole world know you’re about to dance.

Just be prepared to take about 30 seconds or more untangling that messy wire.



Admit it, most of the time, dancers are seen ready to stretch and bust a move in our sweats and pajama-like outfits. Have you seen us during competition season?

But as much as we enjoy our comfy clothes, we like to wiggle into clean ones too! Whether it’s an outfit put together nicely or decked out in some fresh dance clothes again, we all have that one extra outfit hidden somewhere in our bags.



This is a potential life saver that affects all our electronic devices: phone and speakers. In the case of long dance sessions, we have this in our bag to keep our juice high and our gadgets running!



Have you seen a dancer’s Instagram feed? Look at their open class videos and pictures of late suppers with the crew. It is a big wonder then why we are always complaining about lack of phone storage!

Make sure you’re not caught off guard with your phone’s storage space running low!



Whether you’re dancing ballet or hip-hop or not a dancer at all, water is essential to our survival.

Our muscles often receive the most damage on days leading to production or competition. Difficult dance moves and/or landing wrongly always lead to injured bodies. One of the easy ways to avoid this is to always drink water!

Water is known to have a lot of benefits like reducing injuries and healing faster. Who doesn’t want to be in their best shape during busy dance schedule, right?

Another alternative to water are sports drinks!



Instead of using up all the tissue rolls in the nearby toilet or using your already-sweaty shirt to wipe yourself with (ew gross!), a hand towel is always handy for after-class situations.

You won’t be seen with white specks of tissue stuck to your face either! 😉




You should have one in your bag in case you’re running late from rehearsals to work/class or vice versa. This will give you some energy or just pacify your stomach and prevent it from announcing your existence to the world!

Our editor’s favourite snack bar brand is Carman’s Granola Bar! (Share with us your personal favourite in the comments!)





Now that you’ve seen our suggestion, we are giving away some of the items (worth $30) that was featured!

Want to join and win a dance bag from us? Simply do the following:

  1.   Share this article on Facebook – with a comment on what item from our list    you cannot dance without.
  2.    Follow both our Instagram and Facebook page!

The winner will be announced on the next series article (4 September)!

Giveaway closes on 31 August 2017, 11:59 pm.


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