A Super Duper Night – An Insider’s Look At Super24 2017

Woohoo! In the aftermath of the Super 24 preliminary round, things are heating up as the competition gets fiercer and fiercer!

In case you’ve yet to know the results, you can check out the rankings of each team that qualified for the Finals here.

As part of the annual Shine Festival, Super 24 is a competition as well as a platform hosted by O School that encourages dancers to showcase their talent and hard work onstage. This year, seven teams signed up for the Tertiary Category, and 17 teams signed up for the Open Category. Out of which, only five Tertiary Category and 10 Open Category teams would make it to the Finals.

Needless to say, we were very much blown away by how much the dance scene in Singapore grows each and every year. And let’s be honest, while there were definitely some weaker groups, the number of very strong teams with equally talented dancers far outweighed those. Every team had the public cheering wildly, and one could only imagine how difficult it must have been for the judges to select their finalists!

Dance.Write.Repeat. vibed with some of the competitors to get a more raw and personal feel of the event. We got the leader of Strictly Dance Zone’s (SDZ) Tertiary team, Nicole De Quiros, to share her thoughts about the competition.

SDZ was, undoubtedly, the first tertiary team that totally got the audience all fired up and screaming madly with their clean choreography and sick stunts. According to Nicole, it took all 24 dancers two months to nail down their routine!

Despite being a crowd favourite, SDZ ranked 4th in the preliminary round, and the bright-eyed leader admitted that they were keeping an eye out with two equally strong teams from Republic Poly’s SGC and SMU Eurhythmix

Determinedly, she added: “I think SGC’s quality and standard is really high and they’ve really set the bar for the competition, so my team should work harder, too.”

Moving onto the Open Category, we also managed to snag an interview with Sebastian Too from team 123 123 123 1212, an all-star team filled with veteran dancers which, to everyone’s surprise, didn’t make the cut. But it’s alright with him, he shared, because after all, this crew spent only three weeks preparing their routine! That’s crazy (good)!

Fun fact: according to Sebastian, 123 123 123 1212’s team name was inspired by the counts and beats in the song that they used for the competition.

Some incredibly stand-out performances came from SDZ Alpha (we wish we could dance in heels so sexily too), Majestique (that #costumechange though), the whoppin’ hip-hop crew, Chico Loco Unos, and the star of the night, Dirt Fam. These are definitely teams to look out for!

Nevertheless, every team definitely gave it their best shot onstage for the preliminary round. Perhaps it could be because the Minister of Youth, Community and Culture, Miss Grace Fu, was present that evening? She definitely looked riveted by D3‘s outstanding contemporary performance!

D3D3 blew the audience away with their captivating and abstract performance.

Unlike the previous years where there was only a week between the preliminary and finals rounds, 2017’s competition might just bring something extra to the table because now there’s one whole month before the finals! We were curious as to how the finalists were making use of this. Luckily, we managed to exchange a few words with Kane Goh, 25, leader of Dirt Fam:

“Although we placed 1st in the preliminary round, it can be anyone’s game in the finals… we’re training three to four times a week to prepare for it!”

Earnestly, he added: “We’re just gonna keep our fingers crossed that we’ve done enough to impress the judges.”

Good luck to all teams! The competition this year’s definitely a tough one for sure.

Don’t believe us? Then make sure to be there for the national Finals night on August 6, 2017! Prepare your lungs though. You won’t be able to stop screaming from the major hype that these finalists can bring to the table- er, stage. So don’t miss out!


Author: kyrifics

Dancer in soul, writer at heart. I am a huge believer in Not Wasting Time.

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