AFTERMATH: Super 24 Prelims




As dusk fell over *Scape Playspace, the initial relaxed atmosphere gradually shifted into nervous excitement for what the night will bring. With spectators filling up the stands and the respective teams gearing into competition mode through team warm-ups, the competition was set up to be a fierce one.

For those who are wondering what is Super 24, it is an annual competition held by O School where participating teams has to have exactly 24 members, dancing within an 8 by 8 metre square. The four judges are situated at all four corners, intensifying the competition, and there is a line in which the dancers are not allowed to step out of, which if violated, will cost them points.

This year’s judges line-up included Kenny Low, Sheena Seah, Zaki Ahmad and Chin Tan, all respected and established names in the Singapore dance scene.

Aside from the tough judging panel, there was an increased level of suspense as compared to previous years, with the newly implemented scoring system that ‘blinds’ one judge till the very end (Yes, we were kept in anticipation as to how the tables will turn as well). In addition, the judges gave no mercy as they dished out critiques ranging from mildly cordial – ‘spend the next month cleaning up your steps’ – to full-out savage – ‘ If you have put in that kind of dedication, it should have been great, but it was subpar’, their comments received quite a reaction from the viewers.

Compared to previous years, the big names in the game such as Limited Edition and Havoc were conspicuously missing, leaving for more emphasis on the younger dancers in the scene this year.

The competition kicked off with the Tertiary Category, with seven teams competing to get into the Top 5 for the Finals. Raffles Street Dance was the first team to set fire to the stage, and the category was rear-ended by SMU Eurhythmix.

The Open Category, however, had a more intense line-up, with 17 teams competing to get into 10 spots for Finals. Leading the competition was Dirt Fam. Killing the stage with their sizzling stares and fierce moves, the audience and judges alike were swept away by their performance.

Aside from exhibiting technique, musicality and emotions, the outfit is what ties in the entire performance and makes it outstanding to both the audience and the judges. The crowd-pleaser, in our opinion is Majestique, with their full purple ensemble that vaguely resembled ballroom dancers, they blinded the audience’s eyes with their swift costume change into pure gold sass.  

Nearing the end of the night, there were tears and there were screams of joy. All the teams showed great effort in their performances today, and we congratulate all teams that got through to the Finals! For those that didn’t, don’t lose heart as this is another milestone in your never ending dance journey.

Stay tuned to S24 as the finalists’ head into the Finals on August 6, 2017, at Suntec City Convention Centre. More details on ticketing to be released soon!

Who are you rooting for in the upcoming Finals this August? Let us know in the comment section!


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