A Legacy Started: Legacy Dance Co.

The squeaking of rubber soles against the floor. The music’s bass reverberating a steady rhythm through the walls. The shouts and cheers of “Let’s go!” and “Slaaaay!”. These are just some of the sounds that’ll greet you upon entering the small but bustling dance studio of the recently established Legacy Dance Co., located inside Sime Darby Centre at King Albert Park.

Founded on July 27, 2014, Legacy Dance Co., is one of the many spaces established to cater to the growing interest for dance among youths of today. Offering dance classes in different genres such as street jazz, hip-hop, urban choreography and locking among many others, what more are you looking for in a dance studio? We caught up with its founder and director, the talented 28-year-old Chan Jia Jun, for a quick chat during the studio’s Open House event on May 29.

Despite being at the helm of the company, Jia Jun was an earnest picture of humility with no pretenses as he talked us through his journey in establishing Legacy Dance Co. clad in a simple tee shirt and sweatpants. A dancer indeed!

Legacy Dance Co. was an idea seeded in 2013 by three friends who met each other in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s hip-hop club, New Revolving Age (more popularly known by its acronym, NRA).

Jia Jun pointed out how much he and his buddies had found teamwork, strong friendships and deep-rooted passion for dance in the CCA, and wanted to share the culture to dancers outside of the club. “So we thought, if we wanted to open a dance club, why not just do it?”

He emphasised the importance of forming real bonds and teaching values through dance such as:

  1. Hard Work
  2. Perseverance
  3. Patience

We want people to have this sense of friendship where they can be real, genuine and do great things together.”

But the company isn’t just for the benefit of students alone! Eventually, Jia Jun hopes that by starting this business, a job as a dancer can become a sustainable career, in contrary to the popular perception that the arts-based occupations are not for the long haul. 

With a small frown, he expressed his worry over older generation (OGs) dancers stepping down, which leads to a lack of mentorship to meet the increasing demands of young aspiring dancers. “If we lose such mentors, we don’t know who will push the younger ones.”

So what makes Legacy Dance Co. different?

At this, Jia Jun’s eyes lit up as he remarked: “We want to be known for being a place where dancers can feel safe to grow and be open to learning from everyone.”

Jia Jun also explained that while other dance studios offered regular classes and short courses, Legacy goes the extra mile by offering a full-package experience that focuses on proper mentorship and starting from the basics of dance. They offer a programme known as “The Legacy Experience” which involves team-building events like camps and concept video shoots. The company also hosts annual concerts and sends out teams to national-level competitions like Super 24 Dance Competition.

So with all these dance spaces popping up, is there rivalry among the dance studios in Singapore?


The director negates the idea of fierce rivalry among dance studios by saying, “Unity is essential in pushing the dance industry to grow.” In fact, they are actually close to other dance studios, given the small (yet booming) dance pool in Singapore. So it’s no surprise that the dancers would be familiar and friendly with one another!

When asked about any future goals, Jia Jun bashfully shared how they want whatever they are building to become a certified programme that could be brought into an arts school or a part of a diploma to expand appreciation for different genres of dance.

“We hope to be something like a performing arts school.” He said a little shyly, adding that many of his friends also aspired to operate other businesses such as cafes and learning centres under Legacy. “Hopefully we become a corporation in the long term.”

And through it all, what’s his motto whenever the going gets tough?

“Even when the fear comes, you have to keep going.”


Check out the video below to see what went down at The Legacy Dance Co. Open House!


You can visit Legacy Dance. Co at:

896 Dunearn Road
#05-04 Sime Darby Centre

Or you can check out their website:



Author: kyrifics

Dancer in soul, writer at heart. I am a huge believer in Not Wasting Time.

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