5 Ways To Overcome First-Time Dance Studio Fears

Everyone’s first experience with dance is always different. There are two kinds of first-timers – the nervous, and the excited. Maybe both simultaneously! You come to class not knowing what to expect and despite being thrilled to learn, the fear is real. Say no more! We share 5 ways you can counter them:

1. Bring a +1

bring a friend

You can never go wrong with (great) company. Then there’s another reason for you to be excited about apart from going to class. No more heart pounding like it’s about to explode all because of your nervousness. A friend is also a plus! In case you can’t catch the steps, you have your partner to ask. And you got yourself someone to vibe with!


2. Open your mind

open minded

Learn! Learn! Learn! Come to class with the intention of learning and NOT trying to impress anyone else. We know some of you do it for the Instagram video which is perfectly fine. But that shouldn’t be the main purpose. Take this as a platform where you absorb as much dance knowledge possible! Always be a student! Make the money you paid going for class worth it.


3. Listen to songs that put you in the mood to boogie

You know the drill. Pop your earpiece on, play the music of your choice, and FEEL it! It could be any song ranging from RnB, reggae, hip hop, lyrical, jazz, etc. Perhaps it’s best to play the kind of music similar to the dance class you’re attending. It helps you get in the right mood for sure! Tip: Peep the choreographer’s Instagram and you might just find the music that they’re using for class that night. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the FEELS of the song when class starts!


4. Get inspired by your idol


Wash your eyes with a couple of dance videos of your idol in it. Maybe flash on a concept video? Instagram video? We reckon that it would make you feel pumped to dance and aspire to be as good as them. We try. None of the people in class should matter to you then. Say goodbye to feeling intimidated!


5. You CAN do it


A little self-motivation wouldn’t hurt right? Every time you tell yourself that you can’t, there’s still a little bit of hope that screams inside of you that you CAN. Just like clubbing (maybe even better), going to class is a time for you to let loose! We tend to forget steps along the way and it happens to choreographers too. In any case that happens, just freestyle or slowly move yourself out of the frame. Above all, don’t forget to enjoy the music and let your body do the talking!

Did we miss out anything? Let us know in the comments below!


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